Current work in Progress:

[1] "Sanitation & Children's Ability and Achievements"

[2] "Improved Sanitation Facilities and Psychosocial Development in Girls" (jointly with Ashish K. Sedai, Ray Miller and Lauren Vilims).

[3] "Access to clean cooking fuels, safe drinking water, and time-use in rural Ethiopia".

[4] "Agricultural Shocks and Child Poverty Evidence from Ethiopia" (jointly with Ashish K. Sedai; Ray Miller).

Other works:

[1] "Farm Production, Marketing, and Children’s Nutritional Outcomes in Rural Zambia" (jointly with Kelvin Mulungu; Chiza Kumwenda; Lukonde Mwelwa). [submitted]

[2] "WASH and children's Time-Use in some LMICs"

[3] "Minimum Subsistence Requirement and the Environmental Kuznets Curve"

[4] "Which firms employ older workers?. No. 14/2018. Working Paper, 2019" (jointly with Andrén, Daniela, and Nicklas Pettersson).

[5] "Net Foreign Asset and Domestic Credit in Africa."

[6] "Corporate Income Tax Rate and Foreign Direct Investment The Case of Southern African Economies". PDF.

[7] "Pollution, Electricity Consumption, and Income in the Context of Trade Openness in Zambia" PDF.